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Common Basement Waterproofing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Basement Waterproofing Mistakes

Basement waterproofing mistakes can transform your cozy retreat into a damp, musty nightmare. It’s not just about the inconvenience; the implications range from structural damage to health hazards due to mold growth. Many homeowners attempt to waterproof their basements, but without the proper knowledge, this can lead to more harm than good.  Let’s highlight five…

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What Are the Basic Steps in Foundation Repair?

What Are the Basic Steps in Foundation Repair?

As a home or property owner, the words “you need a foundation repair” can be pretty overwhelming. After all, you might have immediate visions of heavy machines and all kinds of disruption inside and outside of the building. After all, the foundation is, well…the foundation! It is the “thing” your house or building rests on,…

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6 Signs You Need to Contact an Ottawa Foundation Repair Expert

When is the Best time of year for Concrete Work in Ottawa?

The foundation of your home is incredibly important – it supports the entire structure. Without a stable, strong foundation, your home could begin to decay and degrade. In fact, foundation problems may make your home virtually worthless on the real estate market. Sadly, too many homeowners don’t know the signs to watch for that might…

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5 Major Signs You Need Ottawa Foundation Repair

Freshly poured concrete foundation

We hear the word foundation and we think of other words like “solid”, “trustworthy”, and even “unshakeable”. However, it is not at all uncommon for property owners to find themselves in need of foundation repair in Ottawa. For many, the need for Ottawa foundation repair comes out of the blue and can be a real…

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3 Things You Might Need to Do After Foundation Repair

Worker installing re-bar on concrete

The foundation of your home does more than just hold up the house. The structure of your foundation is what supports all the other parts of your home, from the windows and doors to the decorative details. When your foundation is cracked or damaged, one of the first signs that homeowners notice is other parts…

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5 Big Warning Signs of Foundation Issues

7 Ways to Protect Your Home This Winter | The Foundation Experts

As the leading experts in foundation repair ottawa, restoration, and replacement in the Ottawa region for decades, we’ve seen our fair share of foundation issues. One thing that all these projects had in common was that the foundation started showing signs of needing repair long before we were called. Unfortunately, many homeowners and building owners…

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6 Signs Your Foundation May Need a Repair Fast

5 Common Problems found in Older Homes

Whether you are a prospective homeowner trying to make a good decision, a seller trying to identify your property’s strengths, or simply working to keep your home in good repair – the foundation is one of the most important things you can look at when inspecting a place. Damaged or poorly laid foundation can cause…

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