What Are the Basic Steps in Foundation Repair?

What Are the Basic Steps in Foundation Repair?As a home or property owner, the words “you need a foundation repair” can be pretty overwhelming. After all, you might have immediate visions of heavy machines and all kinds of disruption inside and outside of the building. After all the foundation is, well…the foundation! It is the “thing” your house or building rests on and problems or work on it can seem very scary.

The good news is that knowledge is power, even with foundation repairs, and when you know what a repair typically involves, a lot of the fear about the process evaporates. Let’s take a few minutes to learn about the most common and basic steps in foundation repair so you are no longer worried if you believe you might need some.

Why Are Repairs Needed?

Of course, before you know how it is done, you might benefit from knowing why repairs are required. Essentially, the need for repairs evolves out of any number of reasons, but most are due to water and soil. Usually, some unexpected changes in the soil around the home, or the amount of water in the soil causes some sort of shifting or pressure. This leads to cracks, and cracks mean problems.

This is usually when an expert is called in, and if there is one word of advice that applies to any foundation issues it is this: The sooner they are repaired, the better the outcomes. So, never ignore any signs it is time for a repair.

Steps to Take

Repairs involve an inspection by a foundation expert, explanations of why there are problems and what repairs are needed, and even engineering reports to ensure the ideal outcomes.

After that, the professionals should effect the repairs and clean up the site to make it seem that no work was done or needed.

The work itself is often done in four different phases. They include:

Prepping the site – This can mean everything from removing plantings to disconnecting utilities in preparations for the next step, excavation.

Excavating as needed – Don’t believe that your entire home is going to look like a castle with a moat throughout the work. Sometimes the work is done around the entire perimeter, but sometimes much smaller sections are excavated to effect the repairs.

Repairs – This could be everything from lifting the foundation back into place or simply applying sealants to and better compacting soils. Any number of steps might be added, including the addition of piers for stabilization to steel shims beneath the walls could be included in the work.

Restoration – After all of the repairs are done, a good foundation crew will refill the excavation and ensure that soil is compacted to the proper degree. They may even use a different fill if the original materials were part of your problem. Then, the property is cleaned up and restored to its original, pre-excavation, conditions.

At the first sign of trouble with a foundation, even a tiny crack in an interior wall, it is best to get in touch with experts and get the problem fixed. The team at The Foundation Experts offers a comprehensive range of services for any sort of issue and repair.