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If your home or business has a compromised foundation or other structural damage, don’t wait to reach out to an expert; we may be able to address the issue and prevent it from spreading. Take advantage of our industry-leading warranty coverage and workmanship today.

Regardless of whether your foundation is crumbling or leaking due to water infiltration, don’t hesitate to get it checked out. Cracks, holes and other forms of damage can spread, further compromising your property’s structural integrity. This can make it more expensive and challenging to repair down the line. If you’re looking for a respectable estimate and excellent service, there’s no need to wait; The Foundation Experts Inc. is all about delivering results you can depend on for years to come.

Repairs, Replacements and More

We offer a complete suite of services to ensure you receive a dependable solution that aligns with your needs. Our expert team will work transparently with you to determine the appropriate solution, which may include the following:

  • Foundation repairs, restoration and replacement
  • Window well installation/excavation
  • Waterproofing and basement restoration
  • Engineering
  • Weeping tile systems

Proudly Serving the Ottawa Area Since 1995

We’ve built our business on providing service that’s professional in every sense of the word. From initial consultations to inspections, repairs and replacements, we make it a point to do things correctly the first time around. When it comes to structural repairs, there’s no room for error, especially if a building is unsafe to occupy or in danger of structural failure. This is why we ensure our employees are fully trained, certified and licensed to deliver the best results possible. We utilize our decades of real-world, practical experience helping other clients when working with you – there are no band-aid solutions here.

Service You Can Count on

Our goal is to ensure you don’t need similar repairs again for years to come, if at all. However, we want you to feel confident about the work that we do. That’s why The Foundation Experts Inc. provides a best-in-class warranty in addition to our renowned after-sales support. The result? No nonsense, no run-around, and no hassle. You deserve the best results possible, regardless of whether your initial issue was flooding, age, foundation cracks or otherwise.

Live in Rockland and need expert foundation services you can trust? For industry-leading service and support every step of the way, our team is an ideal choice. Reach out today to obtain a quote for any Rockland-area services you need from us.

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