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Foundation Restoration

As the years go by, your foundation will need to withstand abuse from intense weather and everyday life. Ensure your home remains robust, sturdy, and protected from the elements. Reach out to The Foundation Experts Inc. for top-notch foundation restorations in Ottawa that leave no detail overlooked.

Home in process of foundation restorationYour foundation needs to be able to last through decades of memory-making and everyday life, supporting your home for years to come. It should be able to withstand brutal winters and blazing hot summers. However, perhaps you live in an older property that is in need of some maintenance. Or, maybe you want to protect against dips in the flooring, cracks in the foundation itself and other issues. No matter the concern, our dedicated and knowledgeable experts are here to help.

Reasons You May Need a Foundation Restoration

If you’ve discovered that your property’s foundation needs some TLC, reaching out to us as soon as possible can save you from headaches and extra expenses down the road. Here are some indicators that professional structural maintenance is needed:

  • Cracks that can introduce issues as they expand over time from exposure to the elements
  • Floors or walls settling or are not level
  • Missing chunks of foundation, crumbling and/or deterioration
  • Water infiltration through the foundation and floor
  • High humidity in the basement

What to Consider When Choosing an Ottawa Foundation Restoration Company

Not just anyone can pull into your driveway and start working on your home’s foundation; it takes years of real-world repair and restoration experience to ensure the job is done correctly the first time around. The company you choose should be fully licensed and insured as well as transparent; if you don’t need an extensive foundation restoration, they should be honest about it.

At The Foundation Experts Inc., we want to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work. That’s why we provide industry-leading warranties and after-sales support. It’s also why our team is meticulously trained to deliver knowledgeable, professional service on every job while giving you all the information you need to be aware of the situation at hand.  We’ll keep you in the loop and ensure a quote as solid as our workmanship.

Whether you need your foundation restored or just want an expert opinion, we’re happy to help. Call us at 613-227-2006 today and receive a quote.