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Basement Lowering Services Ottawa

Is your basement a little bit of a tight fit for anything other than storage? Perhaps you’re looking to get more out of this area of your home and want to turn it into a more habitable space. Just think of the possibilities – what about a rec room for family game nights or a “man cave” for your retro video game collection? Or, maybe a spare bedroom and bathroom – the choice is yours!

At The Foundation Experts Inc., we’re all about empowering you with the chance to make that choice, offering basement lowering services to help you get the very most out of every square foot. This is a procedure that requires expert care, meticulous attention to detail and a focus on structural integrity. Our highly experienced team can deliver the best possible results while maintaining the strength of your home’s basement and foundation.

How to Tell When Basement Lowering Services Would Be Handy

Here are some indicators of your home life requiring a basement that offers more headroom:

  • Growing household (children, pets, roommates, etc.)
  • Lack of usable basement storage space
  • Not enough space upstairs for amenities such as a laundry room
  • Frequent visitors with little upstairs room for entertaining
  • Low home resale value due to limited space
  • Desire for downstairs bathroom/spare rooms
  • Set up an underground space to house the furnace, water heater, and other systems

What is Foundation Underpinning?

The term Underpinning of a foundation relates to the extension of the existing foundation to a deeper depth. Underpinning is common when the soils below the existing foundation have become compromised due to an array of factors and/or the foundation needs to be constructed deeper to allow for more headroom in the basement. What Underpinning allows us to accomplish is the transfer of loads to a deeper depth and/or bearing soils. Underpinning is a common repair method used when a foundation in settling or sinking. When lowering a basement, underpinning is the most common method as it allows for a greater surface area and height of the newly developed space.


Turn to The Foundation Experts for Superior-Quality Results

Nobody wants to renovate their home – a major investment – in such a way that its structural strength is put at risk. Contractors need to be extremely careful when performing basement lowering services. That’s why our team takes great strides to protect your property when making the basement deeper. We underpin the foundation, extending it to a lower level and infilling to maximize its strength. We also carefully inspect the building, above and below ground, to ensure weight loads are evenly and safely distributed, preventing weakened walls or collapses. We work carefully in stages to ensure no small detail is overlooked. For instance, only once the underpinning is complete can we excavate remaining soil from your newly deepened basement. From enhanced square footage to accommodate a growing family to simply more storage for your belongings, our basement lowering services in Ottawa check all the boxes when it comes to a job well done. To learn more or get started, reach out to our team today!