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5 Major Signs You Need Ottawa Foundation Repair

We hear the word foundation and we think of other words like “solid”, “trustworthy”, and even “unshakeable”. However, it is not at all uncommon for property owners to find themselves in need of foundation repair in Ottawa. For many, the need for Ottawa foundation repair comes out of the blue and can be a real shocker. To help you avoid such an unpleasant surprise, let’s take a few moments to figure out some major indicators or signs that you might be in need of Ottawa foundation repair.

Look at the Windows

It may seem odd, but one of the most “tell tale” signs that you are probably going to need the help of experts in Ottawa foundation repair is the appearance of hairline cracks around the windows or doors. Often, one of the first signs that the home or building is moving and shifting due to trouble with the foundation is the appearance of the cracks or some unevenness that makes it very tough to open and close doors or windows.

Because the windows or doors may no longer fit squarely, they are exposed to uneven amounts of pressure and may even lock open or closed, crack or break, or worse.

Cracked Concrete Equals the Need for Foundation Repair in Ottawa

There is just no avoiding the issue if you discover cracks in the exposed areas of concrete around a home or other property. When you see a crack – small or large – in this area of the foundation, it means that there is likely some sort of structural issue. Some experts say that it is only the deep, vertical cracks that tell you it is high time for foundation repair in Ottawa, but even finer cracking cannot be ignored.

Cracks in Flooring

If the floors have buckled or cracked, it is yet another warning sign that you’ll soon be hiring experts in Ottawa foundation repair to come out and do their work. For example, if you have ceramic tiles on the floor, and suddenly some of the crack or if you have standard wood floors and some of the planks have seemed to develop a bend or a buckle, it is due to the dipping of the concrete below. The pressures are causing the floors to suffer, and they will continue to do so until you have professional foundation repair in Ottawa done.

Some other lesser known indicators of potential trouble can include cracks on interior walls that are caused by those same pressures and changes in the lowest level of the building; gaps around the windows or doors as well as any moldings near the floors and ceilings; and problems with wallpaper. In fact, many say that it is the bubbling and creasing of wallpaper that was a first sign of trouble.

You can also see signs of trouble outside of a home, and apart from cracks in the actual foundation, issues with a patio – such as a porch or patio that seems to pull away from the home – are often a sign you need expert foundation repair in Ottawa. You can get this help from the team at The Foundation Experts who have offered services of this kind for more than 20 years!