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Foundation Repair During Home Renovations

Foundation Repair During Renovations

The foundation, being the structural bedrock of your home, requires meticulous attention to ensure the longevity and safety of your dwelling. Whether you’re renovating to enhance your living space or to increase your property’s value, understanding the essentials of foundation repair is paramount.  In this post, we will highlight five essentials you need to know…

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Restoring Concrete Integrity: Concrete Repair

Ottawa Concrete Repair

The Importance of Concrete Repair in Ottawa’s Harsh Climate The need for proper maintenance of concrete structures cannot be overstated in Ottawa’s challenging climate. Characterized by extreme cold, heavy snowfall, and freeze-thaw cycles, the harsh climate conditions challenge any structure. Concrete, while durable and versatile, is not impervious to the harsh environmental conditions prevalent in…

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Rising Above the Flood

Basement Waterproofing is so important

Understanding the Importance of Basement Waterproofing Imagine the scene: your cherished basement, once a haven of recreation or relaxation, transformed into a soggy wasteland. Water seeps through cracks like an unwelcome guest, leaving behind a damp chill and the musty smell of decay. This isn’t a scene from some dystopian sci-fi movie; it’s the real-life…

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The Cost of Ignoring Foundation Issues: Risks and Solutions

Foundation Issues

Your home’s foundation is often out of sight, out of mind. However, neglecting foundation issues can have serious consequences that extend far beyond the visible cracks in your walls. As a responsible homeowner, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with ignoring foundation problems and explore effective solutions.  In this blog, we delve into the…

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Choosing the Right Foundation Repair Contractor: Tips and Tricks

Foundation Repair Contractor

The foundation of your home serves as the cornerstone of its stability and safety. Over time, even the most well-constructed foundations may develop issues, and when that happens, you need the right foundation repair contractor in Ottawa to address the situation.  In this blog, we’ll explore the essential tips and tricks for choosing the best…

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What Causes Basement Floor Leaks and What Can Be Done About Them?

5 Common Problems found in Older Homes

If you have ever walked into your basement and seen strange areas of pooled water, you might wonder just how and why the floor has developed a leak at all? After all, the walls might be entirely free of issues and yet, there it is…a puddle in the middle of the room. The Cause Essentially,…

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3 Reasons to Install Window Wells

Freshly poured concrete foundation

Walking down a city street, you might notice that a lot of the buildings feature windows right at the sidewalk level. They often have a space around them with the appearance of an oversized flower pot or bucket sliced in half. These are known as window wells, and they are important in almost any sort…

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Is Foundation Damage Possible in the Winter?

How to fix Foundations in Ottawa Winters

We live in an area of deep winter freezing, and the potential for frost heaves is very possible. It is interesting to note that not everyone understands just what a frost heave might be and how this phenomenon can harm a foundation. So, the frost heave is simply when freezing temperatures have penetrated deep into…

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6 Signs You Need to Contact an Ottawa Foundation Repair Expert

When is the Best time of year for Concrete Work in Ottawa?

The foundation of your home is incredibly important – it supports the entire structure. Without a stable, strong foundation, your home could begin to decay and degrade. In fact, foundation problems may make your home virtually worthless on the real estate market. Sadly, too many homeowners don’t know the signs to watch for that might…

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5 Major Signs You Need Ottawa Foundation Repair

Freshly poured concrete foundation

We hear the word foundation and we think of other words like “solid”, “trustworthy”, and even “unshakeable”. However, it is not at all uncommon for property owners to find themselves in need of foundation repair in Ottawa. For many, the need for Ottawa foundation repair comes out of the blue and can be a real…

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