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Is There a Wrong Time of Year to Waterproof the Basement?

Winter Maintenance Strategies for Your New Home

Homeowners are often advised to hold off on certain repairs until a certain time of year. For instance, many are told that you cannot or should not do any sort of basement waterproofing during the winter months. Why? Usually, it has to do with the way that the ground will freeze (in many areas) during…

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Is Foundation Damage Possible in the Winter?

How to fix Foundations in Ottawa Winters

We live in an area of deep winter freezing, and the potential for frost heaves is very possible. It is interesting to note that not everyone understands just what a frost heave might be and how this phenomenon can harm a foundation. So, the frost heave is simply when freezing temperatures have penetrated deep into…

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5 Major Signs You Need Ottawa Foundation Repair

Freshly poured concrete foundation

We hear the word foundation and we think of other words like “solid”, “trustworthy”, and even “unshakeable”. However, it is not at all uncommon for property owners to find themselves in need of foundation repair in Ottawa. For many, the need for Ottawa foundation repair comes out of the blue and can be a real…

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