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January is Around the Corner…What Can You Do If You Have a Foundation Problem?

It is interesting to note that many property owners feel a sense of tremendous panic at the thought that a foundation may develop problems in the dead of winter. Yet, the reality is that it is far more likely for such a thing to occur with the intense freezing that winter can bring.

The soil around a foundation can also make it far more likely for a problem to creep up in winter. For instance, buildings sitting on top of certain types of clay may experience issues due to the soils contracting or expanding.

Results are Impossible to Ignore

Of course, if your foundation does experience some challenges in the winter months, it is often impossible to be left guessing just what is causing problems. Doors and windows that fail to open or close easily, cracks suddenly appearing on walls or above doors and windows, cracks in the flooring (ceramic or vinyl), and obvious cracks in the foundation are all clear signs that you need to contact an expert for help.

Waiting until spring is usually the advice that many property owners receive from those who are unaware of the hazards of holding off for weeks or months. The slightest leak in January will become a huge and damaging flood in the spring thaw, and while the ground freezes and thaws periodically, it is going to be destroying the foundation.

Repairs Can Be Done

The good news is that you don’t have to sit around and watch all of the winter weather do further damage to the foundation and/or the building. You can call out an expert to evaluate the issue and determine the cause. It could be that you will need the ground around the damaged area thawed and removed, and reputable firms will have the equipment needed to do just that.

They can seal up the outside and inside of the foundation and may even offer you help with structural repairs caused by the issue. Calling in a team of proven experts is not only going to stop the foundation from shifting or degrading, or from further damages to occur, but it will also ensure that your energy bills remain under control.

After all, even a slight shift may unseat window seals or cause doors to close improperly, and all of the warm and heated air from inside is going to seep out through the cracks. This can put a huge strain on your heating system (and budget), and you may even find yourself in need of a new furnace as the spring arrives, instead of a smaller foundation repair now.

Don’t let winter get too far ahead of you. If you have noticed that you have some issues with your home’s foundation, contact the team at The Foundation Experts. They can come out now, get the problem fixed quickly and ensure you don’t have nasty surprises in the middle of winter or costlier repairs in the spring.