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6 Signs Your Foundation May Need a Repair Fast

Whether you are a prospective homeowner trying to make a good decision, a seller trying to identify your property’s strengths, or simply working to keep your home in good repair – the foundation is one of the most important things you can look at when inspecting a place. Damaged or poorly laid foundation can cause a world of problems for a home, which can lead to anything from costly repairs to the home being totally unlivable. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye out for these six signs that you need a foundation repair Ottawa professional fast.

Visible Cracks

If you see cracks in the walls on the outside of the house, especially cracks in brick, you know you have a problem. Cracked bricks inside your home, such as around a fireplace, are especially a dead give away because they are much more stable than drywall. Only a real problem would cause them to crack. Additionally, if you see cracks in the corners of windows or doorways, this is a sign that something is not quite right with the foundation. Pay attention to that exposed concrete at the base of your house outside. Cracks in this may not be a structural concern right away, but they could be a sign of impending trouble.

Leaking Roof

If you recently replaced or patched your roof, and it’s still leaking, don’t blame the roof repair crew just yet. Provided that you know that your roof isn’t the problem, this is a sign of a problem with the foundation. If the foundation has structural integrity issues, the roof can’t securely protect the house.

Trouble Opening or Closing Windows and Doors

One very common sign of a settling foundation is windows and doors that “stick” when they didn’t used to. If you are having trouble with a door always falling closed, or a window refusing to open easily, this is a good sign that you’ll need a foundation repair soon.

Crown Molding Not Flush with Ceiling

This is one thing to look for if you are buying a home. Does the crown molding sit flush against the ceiling? Unless the owner admits that they installed this feature themselves without a clue about what they were doing and no regard for the way it would look (unlikely), this is a good sign that the foundation is settling. You may also notice in the same areas that the floor is not quite even. If you can’t set something on a table without it rolling off, and the table isn’t broken, then you likely have a settled foundation on your hands. You can also look for gaps between decorative framing around windows and doors.

Outdoor Signs

Has your patio pulled away from your home, when you know it previously used to sit flush with the building? This is a sign that your foundation has shifted. Another thing to look out for outside is trees that sit very close to a house. Their roots can get under or next to the foundation and push, causing shifting and cracking.

Nail Pops

Finally, one very common sign of a damaged foundation is to see small, cracked circles around nail heads in walls. If you see the drywall exposed and paint being pushed up by the nail, it actually may not be a sign of old paint – but rather a foundation that isn’t stable.

If you see any of these signs as you are inspecting a property, there’s a chance that you are facing a foundation that isn’t stable. Get in touch with The Foundation Experts to learn how we can help!