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3 Things You Might Need to Do After Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home does more than just hold up the house. The structure of your foundation is what supports all the other parts of your home, from the windows and doors to the decorative details. When your foundation is cracked or damaged, one of the first signs that homeowners notice is other parts of the home being damaged are not working correctly. After you have your foundation fixed, you may find that you need to do a few other repairs in your home to get everything back to like-new condition. Here are three repairs your home may need if your foundation was damaged.

Replacing Tile Floors

If your foundation was cracked or had settled, you may find that tiled floors have also cracked or become very loose. In bathrooms, kitchens, entrances, or any area with tiles, you may need to either replace or repair the floor.

Repainting Around Windows and Doors

One common thing that can happen when a foundation settles or is damaged is that window and door jams can start to crack or shift. This can make the paint around that area crack and flake away. Additionally, the paint on the exterior walls around the foundation can also crack and flake away.

Repairing Interior Drywall

When the foundation of a home shifts or settles, another thing that can happen is that the drywall inside the home can crack. This is especially common around windows and doors, but it can happen on any wall. In the same vein, you may need to repair damaged bricks in exterior walls with new mortar.

Why Foundation Repair is Worth It

If you are reading this article and wondering why you should get your foundation repaired if you’ll have all these additional costs to worry about, keep reading. There are very important reasons why a damaged foundation should be repaired, even if there are additional repairs in your future. The foundation of your home keeps your home dry, free of mold and mildew, prevents significant structural damage, and can be the only thing that keeps your home safe to live in for decades. A damaged foundation can make a home completely unlivable in a worst-case scenario, and even in a mild scenario, a damaged foundation will only lead to worsening structural problems.

We can help you determine how much it will cost – and how much you’ll save in the future – to have your foundation repaired. To get an expert estimate on foundation repair from the professionals, contact The Foundation Experts at 613-227-2006.