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Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

4 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Buying a home is a large investment and spotting the common warning signs of foundation repair can save you thousands. Once purchased, these same tips will help to keep the property in top condition and avoid serious issues. 

The foundation is important because its the base on which the house sits on. Damage to the foundation should be taken care of immediately.

What are the 4 most common signs that repair work to your home’s foundation might be needed?

1) Cracks in the Home’s Foundation

One of the most obvious signs that your property needs this type of work undertaken is visible cracks in the foundation itself. While small hairline cracks in your property’s foundation might be a natural result of settling over time, larger cracks or ones which form a zig-zag pattern should not be taken lightly.


Cracks in your home’s foundation are normally seen in areas where the foundation itself is under excess strain. This can include around the corners of doors in main rooms such as the bathroom, lounge and bedroom. Foundation cracks can seriously affect your property’s structural integrity in a negative way. It is, therefore essential to be on the lookout for larger cracks which widen over time.

2) Cracks in Basement Walls and Floors

In addition to cracks appearing around the main part of their home, Canadian homeowners should also be on the lookout for problems in their basements. This can be a common place for foundation issues to present themselves and a sign that repairs may be needed. 

But what specific signs in your basement are worth taking note of? As with the main part of your property, cracks to your basement walls or floors may hint that foundation repair is needed. Uneven floors in your basement are also a classic sign and you should be careful to take note of any sudden level changes in basement floors.

3) Water Infiltration

Another major sign that foundation repair might be required is water infiltration. This is simply when water gets into your foundation from outside and has a negative impact on the property’s stability. The most common causes of water infiltration is damage, gaps or cracks in the foundation which is allowing the water to get in. This makes repairing the foundation essential to stop water infiltration and any further damage to the properties structure. 

5 Ways to Put a Stop to Your Leaky Basement

One of the most obvious places to spot water infiltration is the basement. If you notice that this space in your home is flooded, wet or damp, then it can mean you have damage to your foundation which needs fixing. Of course, damp can also present itself in the main rooms of any home (such as the bedroom, bathroom or lounge) and signal repair work should be considered. Basement waterproofing is the usual solution and helps keep water out of your home.

4) Structural Movement

The last major sign that Canadian homeowners may need this type of remedial work is movement to their property’s structure. Common things to look out for here include:

  • Gaps in the concrete
  • Broken bricks or concrete walls
  • Windows and doors that don’t sit level in the frames
  • A creaky floor that didn’t use to be creaky

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it does give an idea of the kind of structural movement issues to take note of. These kinds of problems can be prompted by damage to your properties foundation which makes it unstable or uneven. 

Why is Foundation Repair so Important?

It’s crucial to act quickly if you notice signs of foundation damage in your home and get it repaired. But why is this so vital? 

To begin with, it means your home will be a safer place to live in and also a safer place for people to visit. This is not the case if you ignore signs that foundation repair is needed and fail to act. In this case, the home itself could become unstable and unsafe to spend time in. 

Repair work like this is also critical because it helps not only protect the value of any property in Canada but also improve it. This is because potential buyers can see the work has been carried out and that the property is not only in top condition but also structurally sound. As a result, sellers who have foundation repair work done when needed can positively impact their home’s value. 

How Long do Foundation Repairs Take, and What do They Cost?

The standard timescale for residential foundation repair work is anything up to 3 days. This does depend on the project in question, though, with some more complex remedial work taking longer. Although this may seem a long time, it really is worth it when you consider the benefits it brings. 

As with the timescales for work of this nature, it is difficult to give a one size fits all figure for how much it might cost, This is because the final cost will vary and be affected by what work is needed exactly, what machinery needs to be hired and how complicated the work is.

Foundation Repair in Ottawa

If you think your property needs repairs to its foundation, contacting your local foundation restoration company is key. This means that you will get an expert take on whether repairs are needed and get any work necessary carried out to a high standard. It is certainly not advisable to try carrying out any work yourself. 

For foundation repair in Ottawa, The Foundation Experts can help. We have been serving homeowners in the area since 1995 and have BBB accreditation for total peace of mind. With detailed initial assessments. written estimates and a customer-focused approach, we are the people to contact.