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6 Signs You Need to Contact an Ottawa Foundation Repair Expert

The foundation of your home is incredibly important – it supports the entire structure. Without a stable, strong foundation, your home could begin to decay and degrade. In fact, foundation problems may make your home virtually worthless on the real estate market. Sadly, too many homeowners don’t know the signs to watch for that might indicate they need foundation repair in Ottawa. Below, we’ll run through six signs that you need to contact an Ottawa foundation repair expert soon.

1. Doors no longer open the way they once did.

One good sign that your foundation is in need of professional attention is if your interior doors no longer open the way they once did. If your doors once opened smoothly, but now seem to stick, or you hear a grinding sound when they open, it’s an indication there is something wrong. The same thing applies to your home’s windows – if they once worked smoothly, but now stick and you struggle to open or close them, chances are good that foundation movement is to blame.

2. Basement walls bow inward.

The walls in your basement should be straight and strong. However, if you notice that they are beginning to bow inward, it’s a sign that soil expansion has caused issues with your foundation.

3. You see signs of visible sinking.

If you notice signs that your home’s foundation is sinking into the surrounding soil, this is definitely an indication that you need foundation repair Ottawa. Soil subsidence caused by voids, by fill dirt, or by excess moisture can all lead to a sinking foundation that puts the stability of your home in jeopardy.

4. Wrinkled wallpaper or sheetrock facing.

In a home with a strong, stable foundation, your wallpaper and sheetrock should stay looking the same way year in and year out. However, if you notice that your wallpaper is beginning to wrinkle, or that the facing of your sheetrock is cracking or the edges are crumbling, it’s a sign that your foundation is not doing its job.

5. Vertical cracks appear in your home’s foundation.

Block foundations and poured concrete wall cracking can indicate that there’s a structural problem with your foundation and that you need to call an Ottawa foundation repair expert.

6. Your tile floors are cracking.

Tile is a wonderful flooring material, and it can give you a warning if your foundation is beginning to experience problems. If you notice cracked tiles and there has been no other explanation for the damage, chances are good that there is a foundation issue causing the problem.

As you can see, there are many signs that your home’s foundation may need professional attention. Foundation problems should be handled promptly, and should never be put off. We invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more about foundation repair in Ottawa.