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What to Expect When Waterproofing a Basement

Brand new foundationThe basement of your home or other property might have a persistently musty smell. Maybe you even notice areas of wetness or dampness that just never dry. You might chalk it up to any number of issues, but in the end, it is probably only going to be resolved by expert basement waterproofing.

What is basement waterproofing? If done properly, it actually seals the walls of the entire basement and stops any and all leaking. Yet, not all basements require the same approaches to waterproofing. To know, you need to have an expert come out and actually determine the underlying cause for moisture in your basement. They are going to check to see if the problem is just high humidity or an actual problem with the walls.

As one group of experts explained, “You can waterproof just your interior walls, which may solve the problem. Or you can waterproof your exterior walls, which is a “better bet”.

Some providers can safely and quickly excavate around the exterior of the basement and apply the coatings, but also improve the way soils are compacted and even ensure that the right materials are in place. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that any sort of excavation company is good for this sort of work – you need foundation experts who understand the mechanics of foundations, soil and the water that is around your home.

How to Choose?

So, if you are sure that the moisture in a basement is due to something wrong with the foundation, you need to select the ideal contractor for the work. As is the case with so many other home-related projects, you do want to ask around. Find a company that offers free estimates and consultations, and that emphasizes that sort of work. Also, never work with a company that insists that waterproofing is a “one size fits all” sort of repair. As we learned, it is not always due to the same cause, and the best solution is the one tailor-made to your setting and needs.

The Foundation Experts can provide the kind of insightful assessment needed for a permanent repair. They may suggest both interior and exterior work as well as improvements or changes to the soil or earth around the property. They provide a free quote on any repairs needed and are experts in foundation restoration, structural repairs and waterproofing to ensure that they give property owners the best possible results.