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Should Your Foundation Repair Professional Do Structural Repairs?

As someone who owns a home or property, you are also the owner of a foundation. It could be a slab or a basement foundation, and no matter what the style, it supports the building above it. That is why any issues with the foundation often ripple upward and cause problems with the structure. The most obvious signs are when doors fail to latch or they jam when opening or closing, the appearance of cracks in the walls or ceilings (particularly where walls and ceilings meet), cracks or breaks in rigid flooring installed over the concrete floor, and problems with opening and closing windows.

Now, you might hear some tell you that your house is just “settling” or that it is an older house and these things happen. That may or may not be true, but if you have one or more symptoms and you notice a few things changing with the foundation, it is a sign that you need expert help.

The Foundation and the Structure Work Together

Now, this is when the big question posed in the title above enters the equation. Should you hire someone to do all of the foundation work, and a separate team to do the structural work? Or, is it a good idea to consider an all in one solution?

The truth is that there is no universal answer to such a question. What we can tell you is this:

• The experienced team of foundation repair professionals is more likely to understand where and what structural damages the foundation issues caused
• The experienced team will be able to make many major foundation repairs, and that means they are equipped and familiar with structural work, too
• Not all foundation teams even offer structural repair services, and so you may have no choice but to have two teams working on the house.

Clearly, it is always best if you can enjoy one-stop shopping, so to speak, with your repair professionals, but it might not be an option. Often, the way that your foundation repair team builds an estimate or examines the property will tell you if they are going to be able to complete all of the repairs.

Watch Them Work

For example, they should not focus entirely on the exterior of your home or property. They should do a thorough exam of the foundation, probing it for weaknesses and gauging whether or not the exterior walls are straight and true. However, they should also do that same sort of thorough exam on the basement, crawl space and other interior structural components. The team that does not ask about doors and windows or wall boards and plaster cracks is unlikely to offer structural help.

The team at The Foundation Experts is a full-service solution. When you call them for help with a foundation issue or leak, they take the time to assess the entire situation. They consider if structural components played a role in the problem or suffered damages as a result of foundation issues, and can roll the costs of all repairs into your estimate.