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Increase Your Home’s Value with Foundation Waterproofing

When faced with the possibility of water damage, it can significantly impact your home’s value. If you’re looking to sell your home, foundation waterproofing can protect your home’s foundation from water damage, mould, and mildew. But is it worth the investment? Here’s a quick overview of how foundation waterproofing can benefit your home’s value and give you a better ROI. 

Understanding Foundation Waterproofing and How It Works

Waterproofing focuses on preventing water seepage from rain and flooding when the ground becomes oversaturated. It’s especially important for homes with furnished basements which is a popular feature when selling. Depending on your home, area and existing features there are many approaches that can work. These methods include: 


While not technically considered foundation waterproofing, damp-proofing is a method often used by professionals to keep out soil moisture. It is a cost-effective first step. This method uses an asphalt-based coating sprayed on or brushed on the foundation’s walls, sealing large cracks and holes. It’s used as a form of foundation repair, but it does not prevent water from entering basements. In these cases, basement waterproofing services are needed. 

Waterproofing Paints and Primers

Next is waterproofing paints and primers which uses water-resistant, thick acrylic paint placed along the inner basement walls. It’s effectiveness against cracks and porous concrete is debatable. In some cases, water can condense underneath the paint and trap it inside the foundation walls, leading to more damage. In these cases the source of the damage can be addressed by adding drainage systems throughout the home’s foundation. 

Exterior Drainage Systems

Waterproofing the exterior foundation involves digging into the foundation floor and installing or replacing drainage pipes. These drainage pipes prevent water infiltration in the home. While considered more expensive, they’re considered a highly effective way to remove water from the foundation’s exterior.

Interior Drainage Systems

Similarly, interior drainage systems remove and reroute water to prevent basement flooding. Considered the least disruptive method. Require sump pump, drainage pipes, and backup battery pumps to prevent the onset of water seepage into the foundation.

These methods are often used to help correct problems with home foundations. Still, in many cases, professionals combine these methods to produce the best results for foundation repair

The Costs Vs ROI of Foundation Waterproofing 

For those considering foundation waterproofing as a way to improve their home’s value, it can be considered a valuable, solid investment, especially if the home is located on land that’s at or below ground level.

The lowest topographical point in Ottawa is 150 feet above sea level along the Ottawa River. While Ottawa’s local governance on floodplain mapping can help regulate and inform property owners about their risks for flooding, owners looking to remodel and sell their homes can consider waterproofing to protect their investments against rising water levels and ground seepage during rain and severe storms. 

Because of these factors, the return on investment for waterproofing your foundation is significant and can add great value to your home. This service can add up to 30% to your ROI, which can add to your home’s selling potential and help avoid issues with selling the home during the purchasing process.

The Benefits of Foundation Waterproofing 

While foundation repair and basement waterproofing aren’t always considered the most luxurious home improvements, waterproofing your foundation can provide many benefits that outweigh these costs. If you’re considering this investment for your home, then here are some advantages to consider: 

Better Foundation Integrity

Your property’s foundation is its lifeline, and it’s considered vital for the building’s security. Over time, water damage can create damp patches and small cracks, eventually leading to severe structural problems. It can protect against these problems by creating a barrier and mitigation system for water to flow through and away from your home’s foundation. 

Increases Home ROI

Performing regular checks and foundation repairs can be exhausting, and depending on the challenges the home faces, potential homeowners looking to purchase your home will only be able to perceive these problems once they arise. Getting foundation waterproofing adds security, reduces the overall costs, and helps improve the selling price at the end of the process. 

Prevents Mold and Mildew Growth

Because mold and mildew thrive in damp environments, they pose risks to you and potential homeowners, as they cause extensive damage to the foundation’s building materials extensively. Waterproofing prevents moisture from entering the home, giving your foundation and basement a dry, well-ventilated interior, thereby reducing mold removal and remodeling costs. 

Mitigates Water Intrusions and Damage

Over time, water can weaken the home’s foundation, eventually leading to leaks, cracks, and flooding. This effect compromises the home’s safety and integrity and can lead to costly repairs. Foundation waterproofing can reduce the overall costs, preventing these problems from occurring in cases of severe weather. 

Long-Term Savings

Foundation waterproofing is considered a hefty investment, but it can result in significant savings for your project. It works as a preventative measure against the effects of water damage, helping avoid the need for major repairs and elevating the value of your property to potential buyers. 

Consult With The Foundation Experts To Protect Your Investment 

At the Foundation Experts, we provide ways to help homeowners protect their investments with waterproofing and repair services. Through our professional, top-of-the-line service, our team of experts can provide basement waterproofing and restore your home’s foundation through detailed, regulated construction plans that meet your home’s requirements. Locally owned and operating since 1995, we can provide written estimates and deliver your services on time, all within your budget. 

For more information about how to protect your investment with waterproofing, contact us today by calling 613-227-2006.