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How to Spot Foundation Problems This Spring

Whether you own a home or a business structure, you probably know that the foundation of the building is one of the most crucial components. That is why it is a very wise idea for any owners to know how to spot foundation problems as early as possible. After all, foundation problems don’t typically act like mushrooms – showing up overnight and blooming unexpectedly. Instead, they happen gradually over time, though many of their signs remain quite covert and out of site.

That is why anyone in the Ottawa area will want to be sure they know what to do if and when they spot foundation problems in the coming spring season. Why during the spring? It is a time when the ground thaws and water flows. Yet, the weather doesn’t always work in a predictable pattern, and so the ground might be frozen when rains begin and when troubles emerge. Let’s take time to consider a few of the signs you will want to be familiar with to avoid the worst problems later:

Damage due to water – It surprises many to hear that you can often spot foundation problems from inside of the building, particularly if that problem relates to water damage. If you see that there are signs of leaks behind walls and encounter mould or even rotting wood anywhere in the lower area of the building, it could be a problem with the foundation. Externally, you might note that there seem to be some peculiarities with drainage. For example, standing water during a very dry period is often a sign that water is not draining as it should, and could lead to foundation damage.

Uneven lines in the building – If a building has never had any issues with uneven or warped floors, cracks in the walls or plaster and a sagging chimney, it is often a sign that the foundation is facing challenges.

Doors and windows seem to no longer fit – It is odd to think that this might be one of the ways to spot foundation problems, but it is. Did a window that used to close smoothly suddenly require a tremendous amount of effort to shut? Does it seem as if that door from the kitchen to the back yard is suddenly very drafty? If so, think of it as a sign that there are potential issues with the foundation.

If you know how to spot foundation problems as they are first occurring or very early on, it is a great way to have them addressed most effectively. After all, as is the case with any damages or problems – the sooner they are removed, the better the outcome.

Naturally, you want to work with professionals to assess any issues and make the repairs. The Foundation Experts serve the Ottawa region and offer everything from foundation repair Ottawa to full replacements. Whether your problems relate to water and the need for waterproofing or you require replacement, restoration or repair, they have the skills, experience and reputation to complete the repairs with quality workmanship, on time and on budget.