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How Often Should I Have My Foundation Inspected?

To avoid serious and costly repairs, it is crucial to have certain areas of your home inspected by a professional – and one important area that often gets overlooked is the foundation. The foundation is what maintains the integrity of any structure, so if there’s a problem, it can make the entire home or building vulnerable and even unsafe in certain situations. 

Here is our general guide for when a foundation inspection is necessary:

Periodic Inspections

Even if you don’t notice any potential problems with your home’s foundation, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an inspection done. Just like your HVAC or roof, your foundation is a crucial component of your home and requires the help of an expert to prevent potential problems from occurring. We recommend having an inspection performed every 5 to 7 years.

Interior Cracks Appear Over Windows and Door Frames

If you notice cracks inside your home, this may be a cause for concern. Though not all cracks are worth worrying about, you should be aware of cracks located on top of windows and door frames. Cracks in corners can also be worrisome – these cracks will usually be more than a hairline, with a deeper, noticeable line.

You Have Slopping or Slanted Floors

It may be time to call in a foundation expert if you have sloped or slanted floors. If you place a ball or marble on one side of your home, does it quickly roll to the other? If so, this means your home is sloped and there could be shifting happening beneath it. This can indicate issues with structural supports. Make sure to identify the direction of the slope and where it’s most noticeable.

There’s Moisture Pooling in Your Crawl Space

There are a lot of plumbing networks and other utilities that are incorporated into your foundation. If you notice a leak in and around your home or more specifically, pooling water in your crawl space, this could be a red flag. This can highlight a need for foundation repair for the plumbing. It could also pinpoint a problem with the sewer line. The bottom line is when there’s a leak, it shouldn’t be ignored. Call in an expert to deal with it before it escalates.

Doors are Jamming

Are the doors in your home getting stuck when you try to open them? When doors and even cabinets won’t close or open easily, this can happen as a result of shifting in the foundation.

Large Cracks Around the Exterior

The exterior of your home can provide you with many warning signs as well. Because of this, we recommend walking around the exterior to thoroughly look for cracks. Specifically, keep an eye out for large, open cracks that extend between the roof and the ground. Also, any cracks around the exterior part of windows and doors can be red flags. If you’re unsure if the crack you’re seeing is of any risk, contact our foundation repair Ottawa company today.

Damage to the Chimney

The chimney is usually a good indication of foundation issues because it starts from the foundation and extends straight up and through the roof. So if there are any issues, they will usually appear in the chimney too. The chimney can often start to show signs when there’s crumbling mortar and cracks around it or if it appears crooked.

When You’re Buying or Selling

Warning signs aside, another key time to consider having a foundation inspection is when you’re planning to buy a home or sell yours. Moving into a new home without having the foundation looked at by an expert is like buying a vehicle without knowing what kind of condition the engine is in. Always have this done before signing on the dotted line, and don’t forget to have your home looked at before listing it on the market!

If you notice any of these signs or would like to have your foundation inspected in Ottawa, contact us at The Foundation Experts. We’ll send one of our licensed professionals to come and inspect your property, and determine if there are any concerns that should be addressed.