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Foundation Waterproofing: Long Term Savings

What are the Long-term Savings of Foundation Waterproofing?

Foundation waterproofing is the best way to preserve your property’s value and make it comfortable to live in. With this you can make your dream rec room or add a basement suite for additional rental income. One of the most effective ways to ensure a comfortable living space is foundation waterproofing.

What is Foundation Waterproofing?

This involves extensive groundwork by qualified professionals that help to waterproof a property’s foundation. Stopping water infiltration and prevent the structure from being damaged by water.

Waterproofing is done to shield basements from floods, high humidity and mould. Basement waterproofing also extend to the remainder of the structure because it’s the solid base that supports all the weight.  

Why is Foundation Waterproofing Important?

It can prevent water infiltration and stop mould or mildew from growing. This makes them a safer place to spend time in especially for those with breathing issues, small children and elderly.  

This is also true on a wider scale for the whole property, where foundation waterproofing can stop dampness or mould from causing problems above ground. Waterproofing is also critical because it helps to protect your home’s value and makes it more attractive to buyers if you sell up. 

A home with a strong foundation, effective waterproofing and no sign of mold for example is a more appealing prospect to potential buyers. It will also make the basement space more usable and a dry, comfortable place to relax in or store possessions in. This is not only something buyers will love but also something that homeowners staying put will value. 

What Long Term-cost Savings can Foundation Waterproofing Offer? 

Although the above shows some of the major benefits of waterproofing your foundation that make it important, long-term cost savings are often what many Canadian homeowners focus on. But how exactly can work like this help?

1) Save Money on Cleaning up Wet or Flooded Basements

This is certainly one cost-saving to consider. As it stops water from getting into your property, it means you no longer need to spend your hard-earned money on cleaning up flooded, damp, or wet basements. This could mean no longer having to call in professionals to deal with a flooded basement, no longer needing to hire a kit to sort it out yourself, or no longer having to buy basic equipment like mops to handle it.

2) No Need to Replace Water-damaged Items in Basement

In addition to the long-term savings on cleaning up wet or flooded basements, this sort of work means you no longer have to splash out to replace items in your basement which get ruined by water. Whether it’s carpets, electrical kit or work out gear, having to continually pay for repairs or buy new items each time a basement floods can get expensive. Work to waterproof your foundation, which avoids this and saves you a ton of cash overall. 

3) Cut Back on Healthcare Costs

We’ve already mentioned that wet basements can see mold, fungus or mildew growing and they can lead to serious health issues over time. This can be both for people who spend time in the basement but also for the air quality in the property as a whole. 

This can lead homeowners in Canada to seek medical assistance for these issues and incur healthcare-related costs. By waterproofing your foundation, you stop mold, mildew and fungus from growing in the first place and avoid having to pay for medical treatment for problems they might bring. 

4) Reduced Home Maintenance Costs

Another key long-term saving that this work can bring is reduced home maintenance costs. This is because waterproofing your foundation helps to stop damage to the foundation itself and protects the structural integrity of your property. 

As a result, your home will not be affected by structural issues brought on by ineffective waterproofing and you will not have to pay to fix them. When you consider the expense which major structural work comes with, this is a big saving in the long-term.

5) Forget About Uncovered Insurance Claims

Savvy homeowners around Canada will have home insurance policies in place, but not all basement leaks are covered by these policies. Floods from an internal water source might be paid out, but those from an external source might not be. 

This can mean having to pay out large amounts yourself to restore your home from external flood damage which insurance claims don’t cover. Waterproofing your property can help prevent this and avoid external flooding leaving you out of pocket. 

How Does Foundation Waterproofing Work?

It only makes sense for homeowner to be curious about what this sort of work involves. The usual process for waterproofing properties is: 

  1. Identify all underground services before work starts
  2. Prepare the site to gain access to the property and start excavation work
  3. Excavate exterior foundation walls and foundation footings
  4. Clean and repair foundation 
  5. Instal air gap membrane
  6. Instal weeping tile
  7. Backfill of the excavation site
  8. Post-installation and exterior landscaping work 

Foundation Waterproofing Can Save You Money

As the above shows, waterproofing your home can save you money over the long-term in a variety of ways. It also brings peace of mind to homeowners that their home is secure, safe to live in and structurally sound. 

If you need this type of work carrying out, it is essential to call in the professionals. For homeowners in Ottawa, this means calling in The Foundation Experts. We’re family run-business with BBB accreditation who specialize in foundation waterproofing work. In addition, we can also help with foundation repair in Ottawa, foundation restoration and structural repairs. For the highest quality of workmanship homeowners in the area can rely on, we are the people to trust.