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Choosing a Reputable Contractor for Your Residential Foundation Repair

Choosing a Reputable Contractor for Your Residential Foundation Repair

The foundation maintains the stability and structure of any property, so it’s important that it’s well taken care of. If you’ve been noticing signs of damage around your home, it might be time to hire a foundation expert to have a look and perform repairs before any issues can escalate. Choosing a reputable contractor for your foundation repair is key, but it can be challenging if this is your first time dealing with foundation problems. To make the process easy and straightforward, here are some key factors to look for when hiring your contractor.

How Many Years Have They Been Accredited with the BBB?

Today, there are so many competing businesses popping up that it can be downright dizzying. And knowing which ones are the best isn’t always easy. One way to gain confidence about the contractor that you plan to hire is to check out the Better Business Bureau. Reputable companies should be accredited with the BBB, which rates businesses on their performance based on public sources, complaints, transparency, and other regulatory frameworks. Look for the amount of years of accreditation as opposed to the years in business. This provides a key indicator of the legitimacy of the company. 

How Are Their Reviews?

Looking at reviews goes hand in hand when hiring almost anyone these days. But for something as significant as foundation professionals, it’s even more crucial to do some due diligence research. The company should have reviews from previous clients clearly displayed on their website, Google or Facebook page. You can also ask for references from past projects that they’ve done. Talking directly with clients who have worked with the same company is one of the best ways to really get an understanding of the contractor. They can inform you on how they conducted themselves, whether they are true professionals and ultimately, whether they are worth your time and hard-earned money. Beware of a company with seemingly many reviews, as these reviews are easily obtained by paying for fake promotional advertising. 

Do They Stay on Budget?

Professional contractors know how to stay within your budget and develop a day to day plan that will keep them on schedule. When researching different businesses, look for reviews that focus on this. Hiring a contractor with poor time management and budgeting skills can turn your foundation repairs into a nightmare scenario if you’re suddenly left with extra fees or timeline extensions with no clear end date in sight. Before signing a contract, make sure it reiterates and confirms the timeline that you agreed on and the price you were quoted. 

 Are They Specialized?

Any major project that requires a high level of skill should be dealt with by someone who is specialized in that area. So make sure you are hiring a certified, licensed, and specialized foundation expert and not merely a general contractor who dabbles in multiple areas. Foundational repairs should never be left in the hands of an amateur. Always enquire about their experience and their specific area of expertise.

Are They insured?

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, any foundation repairs should be done by a contractor who is properly insured. The insurance should include some form of liability insurance and WSIB to protect you in case someone gets injured on the job or something gets damaged on the property. You don’t want to be held legally responsible, so always ask what their insurance coverage includes. A speciality foundation repair company will have insurance specific to the activities being conducted, like “Underpinning” or “Structural Repair”.

Their Rates Aren’t the Cheapest

It can be tempting to go with the cheapest option, but we know that infamous saying, “when a price seems too good to be true, it usually is”. Paying well below the average rate is often a red flag because cheaper rates equate to cheaper materials and unskilled labour. And often, this can cause more harm than good. Look for a contractor that offers decent rates that fall within the average.

They Guarantee Their Work 

Does the company guarantee their work? A warranty will protect you in case something goes wrong and will ensure you’re not responsible to pay for repairs. Only hire a contractor who offers certified transferable warranties for their work with a guarantee. Of course, the warranty is only as good if the company is still in business.

They Have a Reputation for Good Customer Service

Getting quality workmanship is one part of the equation. Having good customer service and clear communication is the second part. Any questions from clients should be answered promptly and professionally. Any good contractor knows that keeping their clients well informed while being courteous and transparent is essential for providing a satisfactory experience.

Whenever you need foundation repairs done in Ottawa, our reputable team delivers quality work that includes all of the aforementioned points above. Just take a look at our reviews or our ratings on the BBB. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the city and we can help you too. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and learn more about our services and rates.