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Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa

If you have ever dealt with a wet or flooded basement, then you know that effective solutions for problems like mould and humidity are hard to come by. We provide quality basement waterproofing in Ottawa for homeowners that want to avoid these problems – and enjoy their extra living space. Over the years, we’ve solved thousands of problems for leaky, wet basements.

Why Do You Need Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa?

One of the biggest problems with wet basements is their ability to grow mould and mildew. These are both a type of fungus that can invade wet environments. Mildew is usually a grey substance and mould is usually black or green. It is often found in basements that have flooded, or that have water infiltration issues. Mould spores can get into a wet basement through all sorts of openings, or be brought into your basement on your clothes or in your furniture. Once they are in an environment that is wet, mould will begin to grow at a rapid rate.

Mould can damage the house itself, but it is very dangerous for your health. The presence of mould spores can cause coughing, skin irritation, stuffiness, lung infections, respiratory illness, asthma attacks, throat irritation, eye irritation, and more. Both the structure of your home and your health are in danger if you allow mould to stay in your home. Once the mould is present, it can be very hard to get rid of. That is why basement waterproofing in Ottawa is so important; it can help prevent mould from growing in the first place, which helps you avoid the health and home dangers of this fungus.

How We Tackle Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa

Seeking a professional basement waterproofing Ottawa service can mean many different things because not all basements are affected by the same issue. Your basement may be flooding due to a cracked foundation, or you may have plumbing issues. Your lawn may not be draining well, or you could be suffering from a lack of ventilation. Whatever the problem, we can help you identify the issues, and then tackle the solution together. Our team will inspect your basement, diagnose the problem, and give you a free estimate on the repair costs so that you know exactly what you’ll need to budget for.

We’ve been providing homeowners with experienced basement waterproofing in Ottawa for years, and our experience has led us to understand that no two basements are ever alike. We use all the tools and services at our disposal to create a custom solution for your wet basement problems. Whether you want to keep your basement a safe place to store your belongings, or you want to expand your living space to the basement, you need to trust that this will be just as comfortable and protected as the rest of your house. We want to help you achieve this.

Our services include waterproofing the exterior of your home’s basement, addressing the root cause of the flooding or water infiltration in your basement, and more.

Consider Basement Waterproofing in Ottawa

If you want to avoid having a wet basement or you want to prevent your basement from flooding, consider having professionals waterproof your basement. This process can greatly reduce how likely it is that your basement will become damaged due to water. Waterproofing can involve changes to both the interior and exterior of your basement to ensure that it stays dry. To learn more about the process and to get a quote from the basement waterproofing Ottawa experts, call our office at 613-227-2006.