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4 Excellent Reasons to Waterproof Your Foundation

4 Excellent Reasons to Waterproof Your FoundationWhen you think about home improvements you want to make, what do you picture? If you are like many homeowners, your list includes things like fencing for the yard, updating the bathroom, or giving your kitchen a facelift. But there are many home improvements that can vastly improve your home’s safety and longevity, that you may not even know to exist. One of those is waterproofing your foundation, and we’ve got some very good reasons to consider this project:

1. It Helps Keep Your Basement Dryer

Have you been struggling to prevent mould or pests from showing up in your humid basement? Can you barely even use the basement because it leaves everything a bit soggy? One way to change that is to waterproof your foundation. Because the basement is so close to the foundation, any moisture there will translate to your potential living space. Instead of having a damp, mouldy laundry area, you could have a dry and cheery hang-out spot, extra bedroom, or secure storage. This allows you to maximize the living space in your home without worrying about what you put in the basement.

2. Reduce the Risk of Flooding in Your Home

One of the key reasons to waterproof anything is to keep water out. Waterproofing your foundation helps to direct water away from the structure so that even in times of extremely heavy precipitation, your home is at less of a risk of being flooded. Imagine being able to trust that your home will stay dry and warm, even in the middle of the wettest winter you’ve ever seen. It can also help protect your yard, garden, and even your vehicle because the process involves using special drains that push water away from the immediate area of your foundation.

3. Breathe Easier With Drier Air and Less Mold

Just like in the basement, having moisture in and around the foundation can translate to the overall atmosphere of your home. Having humid air can lead to breathing problems, mould, damage to furnishings, damage to artwork, damage to books and paperwork, and more. By getting the water away from the foundation, you’ll dry up the air a bit and reduce all these problems. This also helps the home feel less muggy in the summer, which means you may be able to save money by running your air conditioning a little less.

4. Keep Your Home Structurally Sound

Finally, the most important reason to waterproof your foundation is to protect the foundation itself. When moisture gets in and around the foundation, it starts to become damaged. Over time, this will lead to the structure of your home is compromised. We can’t tell you how many foundation repairs or full replacements we’ve done due to old water damage that could have been avoided. By protecting your foundation now, you’ll minimize rot, shifting, leaks, and other issues.

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