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The Benefits of Professional Basement Waterproofing Services

Are you looking for professional basement waterproofing services in the Ottawa area? Experiencing water in your basement can be a frustrating, costly experience. When basements suffer water leaks, then basement waterproofing is required.  

Waterproofing your basement will help prevent water damage and protect your home from foundation damage and decay. It’s a great investment if you want to sell your home. If you’re considering investing in this service, then here’s some useful information.

What You Should Know About Basement Waterproofing 

Provincial building codes require a structure be built at or below ground level. This is to protect your home’s structural integrity, and prevent water pressure from affecting your home’s foundation. When waterproofing a basement, two approaches can be taken.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing works to waterproof your basement by adding water drainage pipes and sump pumps. This pumps water out of the home. They’re designed to manage water entering the building and redirect it away from the basement and the foundation structure.  

Advantages of Interior Basement Waterproofing

Quick Installation

This method of waterproofing can be completed in a shorter time frame. It allows homeowners to use that time for other home renovation projects. 


The process does not require extensive landscaping or major alterations to your home’s foundation, excluding potential factors. It allows your day-to-day life to proceed with minimal disruptions.

Less Expenses

Interior waterproofing is generally considered less expensive and more affordable, as it involves less labor-intensive work. 

Easily Maintained

The process allows you to easily maintain the system. It’s usually located near their home and allows contractors easier access to the system without needing costly excavation.

Effective Water Removal

It’s considered a highly effective way to remove water immediately after storms or severe weather events. 

At most, the only disadvantage of this technique is that it’s a reactive process rather than a preventative one. This system best mitigates any damage already present, potentially allowing for moisture-related issues in your basement. This can lead to potential foundation repair costs and requires regular maintenance to work properly.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Unlike its interior counterpart, exterior basement waterproofing prevents water from entering the home by treating the exterior walls of the basement or foundation. It seals the home from the outside through asphalt-based coatings, dampproofing, and exterior drainage systems. The drainage pipes and sump pumps are installed along the exterior after the foundation has been dug up and sealed, directing the water away from the home. 

Advantages of Exterior Basement Waterproofing

  • Prevent Water Damage: Exterior waterproofing is a preventative measure, meaning it offers a proactive approach in cases of severe weather and accidents and addresses the issues before they reach the home’s interior. 
  • Long-Term Investment: This method is also a long-term investment, as these systems tend to last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Increases Property Value: Adding this system helps improve the health of the building structure, reducing the need for foundation repairs. This effect increases the home’s property value and creates more opportunities for an ROI when selling it. 

Exterior basement waterproofing, however, often results in higher costs, as it is a labor-intensive and material-investive process. It requires significant excavation of the home’s exterior, which can disrupt existing landscaping projects and take longer to complete. If any maintenance or foundation repair is needed for these systems, additional excavation will be required to correct and maintain the system. 

Major Signs Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

If you’re struggling to determine whether or not your basement needs waterproofing, then it’s important to look for signs of water damage or potential problems along both the basement’s interior and the home’s exterior foundation. Searching for these signs can help you determine and make informed decisions about your home and ensure you receive the services your home needs most. Some major signs that your basement needs waterproofing include: 

  • Visible water stains along the floors and walls
  • Musty, damp, and mildew odor
  • Minor to major cracks along the walls and floors
  • Peeling, bubbling paint along walls
  • Signs of mold growth in hard-to-reach areas
  • Discoloration on the floors and walls
  • Water seepage in the basement when it rains or snows
  • Struggles to maintain current water drainage systems

All these signs mean you need a professional to inspect and evaluate your basement. Basement waterproofing is a home improvement service that’s valuable to your home. If you intend to sell your home to a future buyer, these problems can reduce the likelihood of purchase and harm your potential ROI. Ignoring these issues in your basement can lead to water damage to your home’s foundation and can add to the need for foundation repair services that can add in costs. 

Choose The Foundation Experts For Your Basement Waterproofing 

Basement waterproofing works to protect your home, and at The Foundation Experts, we can provide these services within the scope of your budget and help meet your home’s requirements effortlessly. Whether you need foundation repairs, basement waterproofing, foundation underpinning, or a combination of those services, our team of experts can secure and protect your home using the tried and true methods that work.

Since 1995, we have served the Ottawa area helping people like you transform their home into a sound investment. For more information, contact us by calling 613-227-2006 to learn more.