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Serving Ottawa and Surrounding Region with Foundation Repair and Replacement – Waterproofing – Restoration – Crack Repair and more. Excellence Since 1995

Ottawa Foundation Repair

When you need help with Ottawa foundation repair, structural or water problems – consider all the facts and hire a reputable contractor. We offer detailed, structural assessments that have proven to be the best available. (see our track record)

We provide written estimates and references, then deliver on-time and within budget. We also guarantee our work with transferable warranties.

This is a real, professional service – protecting your property investments.

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Foundation Repair Ottawa

Our Track Record

The Foundation Experts Inc. has provided top quality repairs and installations to homeowners in the Greater Ottawa Region for more than two decades. Increasing the marketability and value of your home or building is what we have specialised in since 1995. Contact Ottawa’s Real Foundation Experts for a professional assessment of your investment. We guarantee cost effective solutions that are proven and back them up with the best warranties on the market. Only a company that has been in business for more than 20 years can provide and understand a warranty of the equivalent time frame or more.

The Foundation Experts Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our A+ accreditation since 1999 and Honour Roll Membership with the BBB speaks for itself.

Our Expertise

The Foundation Experts Inc. is proudly family owned and operated. We offer:

  • In depth knowledge of building science
  • Written accurate assessments
  • References
  • Guaranteed work and certified transferable warranties
  • Work delivered on budget and on time
  • Service in both official languages

We serve the greater Ottawa region and provide the highest quality products and services for:

  • Ottawa Foundation repair problems
  • Structural and water problems
  • Concrete and masonry installations and repairs

How Do We Do It?

We maintain our impeccable track record by making accuracy our highest priority.

We refuse to grow too large and too quickly. We train constantly and retain only the best people.

As an added guarantee to quality control, our day to day operations are always supervised by the owner of our company.

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BBB has determined that The Foundation Experts Inc. meets Standards of BBB Accreditation, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. We have been accredited since 1999. 

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Our Track Record

We maintain our impeccable track record by making accuracy our highest priority. We refuse to grow too large and too quickly. We train constantly and retain only the best people.

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Foundation Restoration, Structural Repairs & Waterproofing

Serving Ottawa with Foundation Repair – Waterproofing – Restoration – Crack Repairs – and more since 1995. Call now for Expert Foundation Repair in Ottawa.

What Are the Basic Steps in Foundation Repair Ottawa?

As a home or property owner, the words “you need a foundation repair” can be pretty overwhelming. After all, you might have immediate visions of heavy machines and all kinds of disruption inside and outside of the building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a foundation repair last?

A foundation repair can last decades, if not generations if the repairs are conducted by a professional organization that has been in business for a long time. The industry standard in construction is a business that has been operating continually for at least twenty years and has a great reputation.

How do I know if I need foundation repair?

If you need a foundation repair, there will be symptoms evident that it needs work. These include water infiltration, cracked or broken concrete foundations, and brick cracking, to name a few. You may also possibly encounter interior floors that aren’t level, another indicator that you need expert foundation repair services.

What happens after foundation repair?

Foundation repairs are all about ensuring peace of mind and confidence in a job well done – you deserve to get things done properly the first time around. With help from The Foundation Experts, you will have peace of mind that your property has remained marketable and that your investment is secure.

What does a typical foundation repair cost?

Foundation repairs vary in cost due to the type of work required. All projects are unique and site-specific, so total figures will be different in every situation. For more details, be sure to reach out to us to get a quote – we’re happy to help you paint a clearer picture of what the cost will be.

Is foundation repair covered by insurance?

Yes, but only to an extent. Typically, foundation repairs are covered by insurance if the problem that caused the issue is something you already have pre-existing insurance coverage for. For more clarification on whether you’re entirely covered or not, be sure to reach out to your insurance provider and discuss your policy details.

What are the signs of a bad foundation?

There are various ways to tell if your foundation is in bad shape and requires expert repairs. Such signs of distress include concrete deterioration, cracks, breaks, and water infiltration. You may also encounter excess moisture in the basement.

What happens if you don’t fix foundation problems?

Foundation problems only get worse if not repaired properly. This can lead to all sorts of structural risks that can lead to not only damage but also property loss in extreme circumstances. You may also suffer damaged belongings and additional expenses related to relocating your household while critical work is performed. Therefore, address foundation problems before they snowball into bigger, costlier issues.

How do you know if a wall crack is serious?

If the foundation crack is leaking, seems to be moving, causing further damage inside or outside the house, or if there is any other concern that the crack may require repair, don’t wait. It is important to contact a foundation professional as soon as possible to prevent damage from spreading or becoming more significant.

Does foundation repair affect home value?

If a foundation repair is completed correctly by a reputable company, the value of a home is maintained. Usually, in the case of foundation waterproofing, this will increase the value of the home. Of course, this increase in value is only applicable if the company who did the work is still in business to honour a warranty.

Why do foundation walls crack?

A foundation wall can crack due to several reasons. A few examples are shrinkage after construction, settlement, frost heaving, water, soils, excessive loads, natural disasters, and more. Deterioration causing weakening of the foundation is another factor. If you’re experiencing cracks in your foundation wall, be sure to reach out to an experienced repair professional with a warranty to back up their work.